Football Fever . . .

This weekend, the World Cup in Russia draws to an end as France plays Croatia in the final.


I saw a very funny cartoon last week. It showed a woman, sitting on the couch, crying. Her husband was comforting her by saying: "Don't cry, it's just a film". The second cartoon showed a man, with his head on a woman's lap, sobbing. She says: "Don't cry, it's just a game". However, if you are a real football supporter, it is never just a game when your team loses. I'm not usually a football fan, but this time it felt different. England had a young team and they had a good chance of winning the World Cup. Also, for the first time in two years (since we had the referendum in Britain and the majority voted to leave the EU), English people were united again. We haven't seen that for ages, as the fight for an agreement on Brexit continues, and it was great.

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