Holiday on your own doorstep . . .

If you haven't booked a summer holiday yet, maybe it is worth considering staying in beautiful Austria.


Here in Salzburg, there seems to be two main topics of conversation: the wonderful weather that we have been experiencing for the past few weeks and, what to do with the coach loads of tourists that enter this beautiful city every single day. Last year, over 50,000 coaches brought day trippers into the city and it was absolute chaos. Drivers from all over Europe tried to find the right parking places, as near to the centre as possible, to let the people out and pick them up again - preferably without paying anything. What a cheek! This year, the city government has introduced a scheme where travel agencies can pre-book a permit to allow their drivers to park here all day. Twenty-four euro - what a joke! For the price of ten ice creams, a coach carrying fifty people from, let's say, Vienna, paying approximately €120 per person, can drive into the city, pollute the air and cause huge traffic jams for such a small price. When I worked as a tour guide in Southern Italy, about thirty years ago, we paid about ten times that amount to park in Sorrento, Pompeii or Amalfi. Admittedly, most of this was protection money (which was often collected by a cute curly-haired, Neapolitan boy with huge brown eyes) and went to the local mafia - but it worked. Coach drivers were told exactly where they could and couldn't park and tourists could leave their belongings in the coach, which was never locked, and nothing was ever stolen. If the people living in the Paris-Lodron-Strasse, which seems to be the worst-affected area, start protesting, the city government may have to introduce something similar here.

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