Let's Stop Cruelty to Animals . . .

No animal should suffer for the sake of tourists or money.


I am writing my column on Thursday, which is predicted to be the hottest day of the year and temperatures could reach 38 degrees. I wonder if the horses that take tourists around the city of Salzburg, in horse-drawn carriages, will be given another day off. Animal rights groups, both in Salzburg and Vienna, are demanding that the horses be taken out of the heat as they are suffering. The drivers, on the other hand, keep insisting that the horses stay put, as it is their busiest time of the year and the horses are their only source of livelihood. The official veterinaries suggest that the horses should have a break from midday to 4pm on extremely hot days, but it can be just as hot at 4pm as it is at noon. As the discussions continue, the poor horses are still huddled together in the shade of the Salzburg Cathedral and St. Stephen's Cathedral, in Vienna. By the time the officials come to some sort of conclusion, the heatwave will be over.

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