The Changing World of Travel...

These Days, when you book a holiday abroad there is no guarantee that you will get to your destination.


Well, the Christmas celebrations are over and done with for another year and New Year's Eve was wonderful as the sky over Salzburg was really clear, enabling us to watch the amazing firework display over the city. I must admit, I always feel a bit confused the first few days into the new year. There seems to be such a build up before Christmas time with family and friends to invite, presents to buy and delicious meals to organise. Christmas is then followed by the New Year's Eve celebrations and I always feel quite deflated afterwards - what now? That is why my husband and I thought that we were being clever when, before Christmas, we decided to book a holiday on the Canary Islands to have something else to look forward to; to escape the bad weather and hopefully the influenza that usually circulates at this time of the year.

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