Vocabulary for Snowy Days . . .

What could be more beautiful than waking up to a winter wonderland, when the ground is covered with snow?

Looking out of the window, a week last Friday, I couldn't get over how wonderful and fresh everywhere looked - like the white icing on a Christmas cake. I couldn't wait to be the first to tread in the smooth, deep snow and leave my footprints behind. I didn't fancy going alone, so asked a few people to join me - to experience the first real snow of winter. Unfortunately, I was met with the same answer each time - it is "grauslich" - a word that really describes what some people think about the onset of winter. Then I had to ask myself, how can anything that looks so beautiful be described by such a word? The secret is to wrap up warm, choose some boots with a very deep tread and brave the elements. In my hurry to get out, I could only find one glove and the pom-pom hat that doesn't really suit me, but as I was sure that I would hardly meet anyone in this "grauslich" weather, I didn't really mind.

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