Salzburg - The City as a Stage . . .

Salzburg is the place to be, as the world-famous festival begins.


What a wonderful time of the year to be in Salzburg. The whole city is transforming into one giant stage as the exquisite Salzburg Festival begins this weekend. It is such a treat to be part of the hustle and bustle surrounding the Festival. On Friday and Saturday, everyone can take advantage of the Celebration of the Opening of the Salzburg Festival. Once again, there will be 80 events taking place at 30 different locations. I am always spoilt for choice as to which of these events I should go to, as there are piano and violin concerts, plays, recitals and music on every corner - absolutely free of charge. I find this very generous of Salzburg and the Festival to offer such events for people who weren't lucky enough to get a ticket for the Salzburg Festival or for those who couldn't afford them.

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